201 in Red Steel

Jon Krawczyk, 2012

Jon Krawczyk is a neo-modernist sculptor from the New York School with a contemporary twist. His work has a conceptual side, but it is also very much about the physicality of making art and the objects that result from that action, i.e. energy and matter. Krawczyk cuts, pounds and welds sheets of bronze and stainless steel to fabricate smooth, monolithic forms that look as though they were carved by a samurai slicing modeling clay.

Kvadrat Clouds

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec + Kvadrat, 2012

Clouds is an innovative, sophisticated and colorful new tile concept designed by internationally acclaimed Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in collaboration with Kvadrat. The tiles can be used as an installation or be hung from a wall or ceiling. Clouds evolve as you add elements to it, producing a unique three-dimensional effector, coating architecture in a fluid yet chaotic way. Inspired by the inviting irregularity of the surface, you construct your own site-specific piece and turn vision into reality.


Jesse Small, 2022

Statement from Artist Jesse Small:
“I like to go swimming at my local beach. In the winter there are giant floating tangles of Kelp that are easy to get mixed into. At first there is a strong desire to flee from the Kelp. However, this type of direct contact with nature is very therapeutic when correctly paced. Over several experiences of getting mixed in Kelp during swims I finally found beauty tangled up in the cold, grey sea. That process forms the basis for my research and aesthetics of this piece, “Medusa.” It is a Stellae that broadcasts wild natural forms to the surrounding urban fabric.”


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